A Big News?

Similarly, Is it correct to say a big news?

You are unable to say that. News is a mass noun, so the indefinite article (a/an) is not used with it.

Also, it is asked, What is the meaning of big news?

1 Current events; noteworthy or fascinating recent occurrences. 2 information, such as in the media, about such incidents. a presentation of this kind of information, like a radio broadcast. 6:00 p.m. is news time.

Secondly, Can I say a news?

Strangely, the word “news” is uncountable, thus it must be preceded by a single verb and you cannot say “a news”: correct I have wonderful news. wrong I have some happy news.

Also, What does wonderful news mean?

1. Probable to improve circumstances for someone or something The ecology will benefit by reducing the usage of weed killers.

People also ask, How do you say hot news?

juicy news, confidence, lowdown, feces, private source, trustworthy source, scoop, and secret.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you use the word news?

Information or reports about current occurrences are what we mean when we use the uncountable term news. The excellent news concerning Mary requires a single verb.

What is the meaning of latest news?

the most latest information or news about something Have you been up to date? 2: a thing’s most current or contemporary iteration —+ in The most recent tools for home remodeling are available in the shop.

Is it correct to say a good news?

You cannot say “a nice news,” sorry. Even if you use an adjective, you shouldn’t add “a” or “an” if the noun is uncountable. You cannot, for instance, say “a pure water.” Some nouns, like “time,” may either be countable or uncountable.

Can you say a piece of news?

It is not a countable noun, thus you cannot say “a news” or use the plural form. Similar expressions are used, such as “a bit or item of information/news.” I’m grateful.

What is singular news?

Information or reports about current occurrences are what we mean when we use the uncountable term news. The excellent news concerning Mary is reported using a single verb.

What a wonderful news or what wonderful news?

seasoned member “What a fantastic news” is improper when used as a whole sentence with the word “news” coming before any other words. “What fantastic news!”

What does In other news mean?

introduce a news item that is unrelated

What is another way to say news?

What is a slang word for hot?

appealing, lovely, adorable, fit, foxy, gorgeous, handsome, hunky, lush, pretty, sexy, studly, delicious, yummy (slang: physically or sexually attractive).

What is the synonym of latest?

most recent, newest, brand-new, recently out, just launched, fresh, state-of-the-art, current, modern, contemporary, modernistic, stylish, in style, voguish, bang up to date, in.

Which is grammatically correct sentence?

Subject-Verb Consistency The subject and verb must both be singular or plural for a phrase to be grammatically valid. To put it another way, the tenses of the subject and verb must match. The verb should be in plural form if the subject is plural (and vice versa).

How can I use make in a sentence?

[M] [T] For Mary’s birthday, I’ll bake a cake. He made an effort to please his wife, but was unsuccessful. I instructed her to print four copies of the letter [M] [T]. I made sure he was still alive by [M] [T] checking.

What is meaning of instant news?

information on an event that has just transpired or is just getting started that is being received and broadcast: As it occurs, we’ll bring you the most recent breaking news.

Why it is called breaking news?

The newspaper’s final text used to be corrected in a case before printing a long time ago. Casing was often done after the news was finished, but on occasion, when adjustments were to be made for a particular unique news item, the casing would be broken. This resulted in the phrase “Breaking News” being created.

What is meant by soft news?

Soft news, often known as market-centered journalism, is a kind of journalism that blurs the distinction between news and entertainment.

How do you write happy news?

Good news letters are formatted as follows: begin with some positive news. Write a brief summary of the message’s major topics. Give specifics and any necessary background data. Negative information should be presented as favorably as possible. Finish on a high note.

How do you say good news in an email?

By stating that you are writing with excellent news, you may immediately set the tone for your email. The expressions “pleased,” “glad,” and “delighted” are appropriate. Include them in statements like “I’m/We’re happy to tell you that.” “I’m glad to inform you,” You’ll be pleased to hear that, I’m sure.

What is a piece of information?

You say a piece of information or a bit of information when discussing one fact or detail: He shared with me some intriguing facts.

What is a piece of a whole?

a distinct or independent part or division of a whole; part, portion, sector, or unit; constituent: the home’s back portion; used to join the two pieces.

How do you make news plural?

The noun “news” is solitary and uncountable. This indicates that there is no plural form for it. You also cannot say the following since “news” is a non-countable noun: a news. a lot of news high number of news items.

Is good news plural or singular?

Good news is an uncountable noun. Good news also refers to the plural form. A word or two more!

What is the plural of the noun news?

It is presented as “a news,” “many news,” “many news,” etc. In other words, the offenders combine the term with components intended for countable plural nouns. Many chairs and many chairs are acceptable phrases, however many news or several news are not.

How do you use good news in a sentence?

Example of a good news sentence During our darkness, we got one piece of good news. The good news is that I believe we are still at the donkey stage. I hope the news is positive. The good news is that you can develop your persuasiveness.


The “a big news meaning” is a phrase that means something really important. It’s used in the context of a surprising event, or when someone announces something big.

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