A News Service Conducted A Survey Of?


Similarly, What is meant by data vary?

Data fluctuate” denotes that the values of the variable vary from person to person. Additionally, for some people, certain variable scans alter over time. Due to the variability of the data, the outcomes of two separate statistical analyses of the same variable may differ.

Also, it is asked, What is the level of measurement of the variable jersey number?

nominal amount

Secondly, What is the level of measurement of the variable zip code?

nominal fluctuation

Also, What is an observational study quizlet?

observational research Without attempting to change the value of the explanatory or response variables, the response variable is measured. In other words, in an observational study, the researcher simply watches the participants’ behavior without attempting to sway the study’s results.

People also ask, Is the amount of disk space in gigabytes qualitative or quantitative?

the size of the disk in gigabytes. Given that it is a numerical measure, the variable is quantitative.

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How does the standard deviation measure the variability of scores quizlet?

The standard deviation quantifies variability by taking into account the distance between each score and the distribution’s mean as a point of comparison. It gives an indication of the standard deviation, or average, distance from the mean, and it states whether the scores are closely clustered or widely dispersed.

What is nominal data example?

Variables with no numerical value are labeled using nominal data. Male/female (albeit slightly archaic), hair color, ethnicities, names of people, etc. are typical instances. In essence, they are labels, to put it simply (and nominal comes from “name” to help you remember).

What is nominal data?

Data that may be labeled or categorized into groups that are mutually exclusive within a variable is known as nominal data. There is no sensible way to rank these categories. For the nominal variable “preferred method of transportation,” for instance, you may choose from the categories “vehicle,” “bus,” “train,” “tram,” or “bicycle.”

Is location ordinal or nominal?

further instances of nominal variables Charlie, Ann, Richard, and Stephanie’s names. New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. are all nearby locations. 14213, 14222, and 14211 are the zip codes.

What is nominal and ordinal?

Nominal: The information is only classifiable. Ordinal: The information is classifiable and rankable. Interval: The data can be equally spaced, categorized, and rated. Ratio: The data is equally distributed, categorized, ranked, and has a natural zero.

What type of variables are ZIP codes and telephone numbers?

While some variables, like social security numbers and zip codes, accept numerical values, they are qualitative or categorical rather than quantitative.

Is the percentage provided a descriptive statistic or an inferential statistic explain your answer?

The percentage represents the sample’s overall preference for dismantling the megabanks, making it a descriptive statistic. Determine whether the study is an experiment or an observational study. There are two groups of fifty brain cancer patients.

What is a case control study statistics quizlet?

A case-control study is defined. a study in which disease cases are found, and then a sample of the people who are responsible for the cases is found (the controls). The exposures for each person in each group are calculated and compared. Exposures in patients and controls are compared.

What is the response variable in the study is the response variable qualitative or quantitative what is the explanatory variable?

The variable for the response is quantitative. Whether or whether the adolescent has a TV in their bedroom is the explanatory variable. Yes. For instance, such hiding variables could include weekly activity and eating patterns.

What is the definition of statistics quizlet?

The science of statistics involves the collection, arrangement, analysis, and interpretation of data for the purpose of decision-making. Population. the accumulation of all interesting results, comments, measurements, or tallies.

What kind of variable is screen type?

A discrete continuous qualitative variable is screen type. number of available channels A qualitative continuous discrete variable is the number of channels that are available.

What level of measurement is volume of water used by a household in a day?

Due to the household’s daily water use being a ratio The important man is ratio. Ratio is the correct response, thus. This is the correct response as the amount of water consumed daily by a household.

Which measure of variability is used for interval ratio variables in is the square root of the average of the squared deviations from the mean?

Typical Deviation

What measure of variability is the square root of the average of the squared deviations from the mean?

The typical amount that each score differs, or deviates, from the mean is represented by the standard deviation, which is the square root of the average of the squared deviations from the mean.

How is a variable name different from a variable label Mcq?

The variable labels are made up of a group of words that describe what a variable looks like and contain precise information. The variable name, on the other hand, is a condensed and less comprehensive variable.

What is the difference between categorical ordinal and interval variables?

The distinction between the two is that the categories are clearly arranged. Consider, for instance, a variable called economic status that has three categories (low, medium and high). In addition to placing people into one of these three groups, you can also rank the groups as low, medium, or high.

What is the difference between a nominal scaled variable and an ordinal scaled variable?

While ordinal data is a collection of non-parametric ordered variables, nominal data is a collection of non-parametric variables. Despite the fact that they are both non-parametric variables, the difference between them is that ordinal data is organized according to its location.

What is the meaning of interval in statistics?

The numerical scale used to measure interval data has equal gaps between neighboring values. “Intervals” are the names for these distances. An interval scale differs from a ratio scale in that there is no genuine zero on it.

What level of measurement are the Centigrade and Fahrenheit temperature scales?

Due to the arbitrary placement of zero on each scale, the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are interval scales. A temperature scale cannot have an arbitrary zero in order to be a ratio scale.

What level of measurement is this what is your marital status single married separated divorced widowed?

Unordered categorical variables that have no names. These can be multinomial or binary (just having two categories, as gender: male or female) (more than two categories, like marital status: married, divorced, never married, widowed, separated).

Why is the level of measurement of variables important in a statistical analysis?

Understanding the degree of measurement used for variables in research is crucial because it affects the kind of statistical analysis that can be done and, consequently, the conclusions that can be taken from the research.

What is the level of measurement of the variable Social Security number in the original scenario?

The social security number is nothing more than a categorization. As a result, the variable is scaled nominally. The response is a) nominal

What are the four levels of quantitative research PDF?

Nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio measurements are the several types of levels.

How do you measure variables in quantitative research?

It is possible to measure statistical variables with the aid of measurement devices, algorithms, or even human judgment. The scale of measurements refers to how we measure variables, and it has an impact on the types of analytical procedures that may be applied to the data and the conclusions that can be made from it.

What variable is the presumed effect of the manipulation on the object subject of the experiment?

contingent variable

In what ways do frequency distributions for qualitative data differ from those for quantitative data?

The different values and their frequencies are listed in a frequency distribution of qualitative data. We first divide the observations into Classes (also known as Categories or bins) in order to arrange the quantitative data, and we then treat the Classes as the individual values of the quantitative data.


The “what is the research question the study addresses” is a news service conducted a survey of. The survey asked questions about people’s opinions on different topics, and then analyzed them to determine what the public opinion was.

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