Can You Watch Local News On Hulu?

One of the most local networks accessible on streaming platforms, including CBS, NBC, Fox News, ABC, and Telemundo, is aired on Hulu + Live TV. Regional sports coverage is also available, including on local NBC sports stations. Local channels are available through the service TV guide.

Similarly, Can you get local channels with Hulu?

For cord-cutters who want to stream live local channels, Hulu + Live TV is a terrific option. All four of the main local networks—ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC—are carried there, while a variety of regional sports networks provide local sports coverage. $54.99 or $60.99 per month will get you Hulu + Live TV.

Also, it is asked, Does Hulu broadcast local news?

Local news is available on Hulu + Live TV in several cities.

Secondly, Why am I not getting my local news on Hulu?

I either have the incorrect local affiliates or am missing channels. Which local affiliates and regional sports networks you may view on Hulu depend on your Home network. When streaming on a mobile device when away from home, you could discover that the local affiliates are different from what you’re used to.

Also, How do I change my local news on Hulu?

How To Move Around On Hulu Log in using a device in the living room (if you’re not home, you may need someone to help you with this). Visit the account page using a browser on your computer or mobile device. Navigate to the Privacy and Settings area. Enter your new address and click “Set” or “Change Home.”

People also ask, How do I stream local news?

Options for streaming free network TV For Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV, CBS offers free apps. (Samsung smart TVs and all of the aforementioned platforms have free ABC applications. PBS provides a free live stream in many areas and has free applications for all the streaming services listed above.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I stream local channels?

There are various methods to stream your local network channels if you don’t want to utilize an antenna. The three services DIRECTV STREAM, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV are the best for streaming local ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. In almost every US area, they all provide a method to live stream major broadcast networks.

Why is NBC not on Hulu live?

With Hulu, NBCUniversal is terminating its agreement. According to Nexttv, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and other executives blamed Peacock’s sluggish subscriber growth on its limited access to NBCU’s greatest and most current programming during a recent earnings conference.

Why are my local channels not working on Hulu?

Try restarting your device, modem, and router if you’re seeing the incorrect local channels ( PowerCycle). Give us a call or start a conversation if it doesn’t solve the problem so we can take a closer look. Thanks! We regret learning about the issue.

How do I get my local stations back on Hulu?

If you see several local affiliates, please phone or chat with us at ContactSupport so that we can investigate further. Select TV, Channels, and Movies on Hulu > Missing videos or channels, then touch “I still need assistance” at the bottom of the screen to choose a contact option.

Why can’t I watch ABC live on Hulu?

Hi! A handful of regional ABC stations that were once part of our Live TV plans are no longer ours to distribute. You can get all the specifics about this at ABCAffiliate.

How can I get local channels without cable?

Local Channels Streaming: ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC FuboTV local channels Local ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX are available on fuboTV as part of a package with 120+ channels. Local programming on Hulu plus Live TV. Sling TV’s local channels. Local Vidgo Channels. YouTube TV’s local channels. DIRECTV STREAM’s local channels.

Is there an app for local channels?

For free access to local TV programming on your smartphone or other mobile device, several local stations provide mobile applications. Without a subscription or a cable or satellite connection, you may view local TV programming on your mobile device from CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and the CW stations.

Why won’t Hulu let me change my home location?

Hulu won’t allow you to update your home location if it finds that the two don’t match. To put it another way, despite our best efforts, we are unable to assure you that using a VPN would allow you to bypass Hulu’s physical location. You’ll need to utilize more than simply a VPN on several devices in order to persuade Hulu.

What is the best app for free local TV?

STIRR. One of the top free applications for local channels is STIRR. More than 120 channels covering regional news, sports, and international events are available. Additionally, you may watch free movies, TV series, cult classics, and network programming.

Where can I get local news for free?

Here are our best recommendations for free local news streaming. Haystack News on NewsON. Now local. NBC News YouTube TV CBS News CBS News

Which streaming service is best for local news?

Streaming Services Overview with Live Local News Live TV and Hulu. Google TV NOW from AT&T. FuboTV.

What is the cheapest way to stream local channels?

App for watching live TV. Using a live TV streaming service is a well-liked method of cutting the cord. Sling TV is a service that excels in providing local channels at a reasonable cost. Why pay $50 or more a month if you just need local channels when Sling is only $35?

Can I get local channels with Amazon Prime?

Local channels are not available on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video despite their large content stockpiles.

Does Hulu include Hulu live?

You will get access to all of the Hulu streaming content as well as more than 75 live TV channels that you can watch at home or on the go when you sign up for one of our Live TV subscriptions. To find out more about our Live TV packages, choose from the list below: Plans

Is NBC pulling out of Hulu?

The on-demand service offered by Hulu will no longer get current-season programming, according to NBCUniversal’s announcement made last week. Instead, NBC’s own Peacock streaming service will become the new home for programs including Saturday Night Live, The Voice, and Chicago Fire.

How much is NBC on Hulu?

Online TV from NBC Network | Hulu (Free Trial) Any Hulu package, beginning at $6.99 per month, lets you watch NBC. exclusively new subscribers.

Where can I watch NBC news?

With Peacock Channels, you can watch the finest TV, movies, sports, and news for nothing.

How do you get Live TV on Hulu?

How to Use Hulu to Watch Live TV Activate the Hulu app. Click Live TV on the Home screen. Then, during playback on, click the three-line symbol in the lower-left corner of the player bar. Choose the channel you wish to see. The chosen Live TV station will then load on Hulu.

Can you change local channels on Hulu?

Your home network may be modified You now have the option of updating your home network or using Hulu’s streaming selection of TV episodes and movies. In a 12-month period, you are allowed to switch your home network up to four times. Contact us if you need further support, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

How much is Hulu per year?


How can I watch news on my smart TV without cable?

best free live streaming services for television Pluto TV offers hundreds of free content channels and the most free live news. 50,000+ free programs, movies, and sports channels are available on Tubi. Sling Free offers hundreds of free content channels in addition to ABC News, CBS News, and Newsy. Good selection of free material and live news stations on the Roku channel.

Does a smart TV need an antenna for local channels?

The availability of Freeview stations on a TV is unaffected by smart TV services and features. To get free local over-the-air broadcasts, you will still need an HD Digital TV Antenna. Having said that, pay attention to what the maker refers to as their particular model.

How can I get local channels on Roku for free?

7 Ways to Freely Stream Local TV Channels on Roku Roku channels for authorized local TV. Local channels on Roku from third parties. Roku’s private local channels Roku’s major network apps Use a Roku and an OTA antenna. Roku local channels that use YouTube. Roku screen mirroring

How much is Hulu with local channels?

For a monthly price, Hulu + Live TV offers customers access to well-known local and national TV networks as well as on-demand programming. $6.99/mo. $12.99/mo

How do you get to ABC live on Hulu?

By browsing the “Hulu Picks” collection, subscribers to Hulu’s ad-supported and Hulu (No Ads) subscriptions may quickly access the ABC News Live stream. They can access ABC News Live from there on TVs, mobile devices, and gaming consoles at any time of day.


The “why can’t i get my local channels on hulu” is a question that many people have. The short answer is because it’s not possible to watch local news on Hulu.

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