How Do I Get Rid Of Apple News?

On your computer, Open the News app on your device. Select File > Manage Notifications & Email from the navigation bar. You can choose which channels give you alerts from here. If you subscribe to Apple News+, you’ll be alerted when new magazine editions become available. Under Email From Apple News, you may opt in or out of the Apple News Newsletter.

Similarly, Can I delete Apple News?

If you have issues from your Apple News+ subscription downloaded to your Mac, you may delete them or remove them from My Magazines at any time. Please keep in mind that Apple News and Apple News+ aren’t accessible in every country or area. In the toolbar, look for the Apple Support article Availability of Apple Media Services.

Also, it is asked, Can I remove Apple News from my iPhone?

Unfollowing news on your iPhone is a bad idea. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap Edit. Tap Unfollow next to a channel or subject.

Secondly, Can I block Apple News+?

How to disable any Apple News channel or publisher Scroll through the channel’s articles on your iPhone or iPad until you discover one you like. Hold down the button until a pop-up menu displays. To begin, choose Suggest Less Like This. Then press and hold the article to bring up the menu once again. Now pick Block Channel from the drop-down menu.

Also, How do I stop getting Apple news emails?

Choose File > Manage Notifications & Email in the News app on your Mac. Scroll to the bottom and choose one of the following options: Subscribe to our newsletters: Select Apple News Newsletter from the drop-down menu. Unsubscribe from newsletters: Select the Apple News Newsletter option from the drop-down menu (the button is dimmed).

People also ask, How do I stop Apple News from popping up on my Mac?

How to Turn Off Apple News Notifications Completely On your iOS device, open the Settings app. Tap News after scrolling down the main list. Select Notifications from the menu. (Tip: You can block news from channels you don’t follow from showing in the News app’s “For You” section from this screen.) Allow Notifications should be turned off.

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Why does Apple news keep popping up?

It’s conceivable that you’re getting alerts for specific sorts of events if you haven’t modified any of the settings for this News app. This is frequent during huge events, and it may serve as a good reminder that something is going on locally, nationally, or globally.


The “apple news app” is a free app that provides you with the latest headlines, weather forecasts, and traffic reports. The app also includes a section where you can browse through different topics.

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