How Do I Send an Email to Fox News?

Learn how to send an email to Fox News about your story or opinion by following these easy steps.

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Go to the Fox News website

Visit the Fox News website. In the upper-right corner of the homepage, click on the “Contact Us” link. On the “Contact Us” page, select “Feedback.” On the next page, fill out the form provided with your name, email address, telephone number and comment.

Find the “Contact Us” page

The best way to contact Fox News is to visit their website and find the “Contact Us” page. On this page, there are various options for how you can contact Fox News, including by email.

Enter your name, email address, and message

You can send an email to Fox News by visiting their website and filling out the form under the “Contact Us” tab. In the “Name” field, enter your full name. In the “Email Address” field, enter the email address you would like Fox News to reply to. In the “Message” field, enter the body of your message. Once you are finished, click the “Send” button to send your email.

Click “Send”

After you have composed your email, click on the “send” button.

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