How Far Is Newport News From Williamsburg?

Similarly, How close are Newport News and Williamsburg?

By automobile, the distance between Newport News and Williamsburg is 18.10 miles (35.41 kilometers) in a northwest direction and 22 miles (35.41 kilometers) in a southwest direction. If you drive nonstop from Newport News to Williamsburg, it will take you 26 minutes.

Also, it is asked, How far apart are Jamestown and Williamsburg?

6 kilometers

Secondly, What is Newport News Virginia famous for?

Overview of the Past During the Civil War, Newport News was a key player in the Peninsula Campaign. In Newport News, visitors may see several clay fortifications and Civil War-related landmarks. Furthermore, in 1862, the legendary “Battle of the Ironclads” took place off the coast of Newport News.

Also, What is the closest major airport to Williamsburg VA?

The Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is located in Newport News, Virginia.

People also ask, How long should I spend in colonial Williamsburg?

Approximately two to three days

Related Questions and Answers

Can I walk around Colonial Williamsburg for free?

While walking about the city is free, visitors must pay a ticket to enter buildings, attend events, take tours, or explore other portions of the historic grounds.

What is the best time to visit Williamsburg VA?

Autumn and spring are excellent seasons to come, not only because the days are cooler, but also because tourists can enjoy the best of both worlds, with stunning autumn foliage and lush gardens in March and April.

Is Newport News worth visiting?

Newport News, Virginia, is an excellent spot to visit if you want to learn more about American history, since this region of the country is rich with ancient structures, historical jewels, and world-class museums and galleries.

Does Newport News have a downtown?

Future Vision for Downtown Newport News It may, however, be a thriving urban mixed-use neighborhood with housing, companies, and entertainment that appeals to young professionals and entrepreneurs while honoring the city’s industrial history.

What airlines fly out of Newport News Williamsburg airport?

Airlines that fly to PHF American Airlines is an airline based in the United States. Delta Airlines is a commercial airline based in Atlanta, Georgia. Virgin Atlantic is a British airline. Aeromexico. Air France is a French airline. KLM. United Airlines is an airline based in the United States. Korean Air is a Korean airline.

What major city is near Williamsburg VA?

Norfolk. This coastal town, 45 miles from Williamsburg, rests on 144 miles of oceanfront and is home to the area’s principal airport. Norfolk is home to exciting waterside entertainment, delectable food, a zoo, planetarium, shopping, several museums, and stunning historic sites.

Where do you fly into for Colonial Williamsburg?

Newport News (PHF) Airport, 14.2 miles away, is the closest airport to Colonial Williamsburg. Norfolk (ORF) (37.4 miles), Reagan Washington (DCA) (112.1 miles), and Washington Dulles (IAD) are all neighboring airports (124.4 miles).

Can you walk through Colonial Williamsburg at night?

The majority of Colonial Williamsburg is pedestrianized, making it a lovely environment to wander around at any time of day or night. You may take a free stroll through any of the streets to observe the homes, businesses, and historically important structures, with re-enactments taking place on occasion.

What is the difference between Jamestown and Williamsburg?

The first English colony was built at Jamestown. Colonial Williamsburg is the birthplace of the American Revolution. And it was at Yorktown that the British surrendered. All three are living history museums featuring re-enactments, historical costumes, and other exhibits.

Can you see Jamestown and Yorktown in one day?

To enjoy the entire experience, you’ll need at least two days, but three is advised. Consider the travel time between venues, which might be up to 40 minutes, when you make your plans. We suggest visiting Yorktown and Jamestown on the same day and Colonial Williamsburg on a separate day.

How much does it cost to get into Williamsburg?

Single-day tickets are $44.99 for adults and $24.99 for children. Adult $54.99; Child $29.99; Multiday Ticket: Adult $54.99; Multiday Ticket: Adult $54.99; Multiday Ticket: Adult $54 Annual Passes are $74.99 for adults and $41.94 for children. Museums of Art Single-day tickets are $14.99 for adults and $8.99 for children.

What can you see at Colonial Williamsburg without a ticket?

The Colonial section does not need a pass. You may wander around the neighborhood and dine at Chownings or the King’s Arms Tavern. You may also go to the market square area and shop at the shops there. The historic buildings and tours are what you’ll lose out on if you don’t have the pass.

Why is Williamsburg famous?

Williamsburg is today renowned across the world as the home of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a leading center for the preservation and presentation of American colonial history, as well as one of the nation’s top public colleges, The College of William & Mary.

How long should you stay in Williamsburg VA?

As a first-time visitor, 5 days is the ideal length of time to explore all of the key sights! Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, antique shopping, sweets, and more are included in this Williamsburg VA itinerary. .

What is there to do in Newport News for free?

The Noland Trail is a hiking trail in the United States. Hiking Trails (313). Biking Trails Parks. 288. Newport News Park. The Transportation Museum of the United States Army is located in Washington, D.C. Newport News Visitor Center, 207. Visitor Information Centers. Huntington Park is a park in Huntington Beach, California. Parks. Arch of Victory Landmarks and Points of Interest Patrick Henry Mall is a fictional character created by Patrick Henry. Malls are places where people go to shop. The Farmer’s Market of Dean and Don. Flea and street markets are two types of markets.

How far is Newport News from the ocean?

Virginia Beach is located around 40 miles southeast of Newport News.

Is Newport News Va safe?

In Newport News, the chances of becoming a victim of violent or property crime are 1 in 39. Newport News is not one of the safest cities in America, according to FBI crime statistics. In comparison to the rest of Virginia, Newport News has a higher crime rate than 89 percent of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Why is Newport News called that?

Name of the city. We are proud of our city and its long history, which extends back to the American Revolution. The Susan Constant, the flagship ship of the three-ship fleet that transported the Jamestown colony to the New World in 1607, was named after Christopher Newport, the commander.

Does Newport News VA have an airport?

The Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (IATA: PHF, ICAO: KPHF, FAA LID: PHF) is located in Newport News, Virginia, and serves the Hampton Roads region, as does Norfolk International Airport.

What airport do you fly into for Newport Beach CA?

Orange County/Santa Ana J. Wayne

What is the name of the airport in Newport News Virginia?

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF / KPHF) is the closest major airport.

What is the closest town to Williamsburg?

Cities in the vicinity of Williamsburg, Virginia Norfolk, Virginia is 37 miles away. Chesapeake, Virginia is 42 miles away. Virginia Beach, VA is 49 miles away. Washington, DC is 115 miles away. Baltimore, Maryland is 140 miles away. Raleigh, North Carolina is 148 miles away. Durham, NC is 149 miles away, while Greensboro, NC is 189 miles away.

Is Williamsburg Virginia Open?

365 days a year, Colonial Williamsburg is accessible to the public. From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., most Historic Trades and Sites are open. Check out Evening Programs after hours, which go late into the night.

How far is Colonial Williamsburg from the beach?

Yes, there is a 119-mile drive between Colonial Williamsburg and Colonial Beach. The travel from Colonial Williamsburg to Colonial Beach takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes. Where can I find a place to stay near Colonial Beach? In Colonial Beach, there are more than a dozen hotels to choose from.

Is Norfolk or Richmond closer to Williamsburg?

Check out the pricing in Richmond and Norfolk as well. They’re all quite close. Wmsbg is about a half-hour drive from Williamsburg/Newport News Airport (PHF). The major cities of Richmond (RIC) and Norfolk (ORF) are 45-60 minutes distant.


Newport News is a city in the U.S. state of Virginia. It is located at the southern end of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area and borders the harbor of Hampton Roads, which forms part of the Chesapeake Bay. Newport News is one of ten independent cities that constitute the Hampton Roads metro area.

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