What Happened To Kxan News Anchor?

Britt Moreno made her debut as the new nightly news anchor for KXAN on J. At the end of May, Benter announced her resignation from the Nexstar station on her social media profiles. “It’s time to take off the blinders that have permitted me to get by for the last several months.

Similarly, Why did Shannon Wolfson leave KXAN?

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) – After the November ratings period, Shannon Wolfson will depart from KXAN News. Shannon has opted to devote more time to her family, travel, and other professional goals. “If I wanted to remain in television news, I’d stay here at KXAN.”

Also, it is asked, Who is Yeomans wife?

The Knot – David Yeomans and Izzy Wagner’s Wedding Website

Secondly, Where is KXAN Sean Kelly?

Austin (Texas)

Also, Is Mike Rush still on KVUE?

Mike Rush has departed his new morning anchor job at KVUE Austin. On Twitter, the veteran anchor confirmed it.

People also ask, Where did Erin Cargile go?

Erin Cargile, a former Nexstar reporter, has been hired as the director of content creation and training at video content transfer specialist Latakoo. As she prepared to transfer from local reporting at NBC station KXAN Austin, Texas, to the IT profession, Cargile says the move seemed like a great match.

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Where did Mark Pena go?

He returned to Mississippi State University to pursue his second degree in meteorology after taking some time off. He is presently enrolled in the online meteorology program and will graduate in May 2021.

Who is KXAN weather team?

Weather First Alert Yeomans, David. Currie, Kristen Spencer, Jim.

Is David on KXAN married?

In March, Yeomans was named chief meteorologist for KXAN Austin. “I’m a very blessed man,” he said on Facebook after announcing his engagement. Years of friendship bloomed into a fantastic relationship when they met in 2014, and she said yes on Sunday.

Where is Sydney Benter going?

UPDATE: Benter announced on LinkedIn that she will start working for the City of Austin as a Public Information Specialist in November 2021. Benter joined KXAN in October 2017 after working as an evening news reporter and anchor at WKRC in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Is Sean Kelly still on KXAN?

Austin, Texas-based broadcast meteorologist with KXAN-TV NBC.

Is Sean Kelly married?

Sean Kelly / SpouseLinda Grant (m. 1980)

Where is Hannah Rucker from?


How do I become a weather man?

Meteorologist Training A bachelor’s degree is usually required to operate as a weatherman. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the best degrees to earn are in atmospheric science or meteorology. With a physics or geosciences degree and considerable meteorology class work, you can usually get by.

Who took over for Jim Spencer?

David Yeomans, a meteorologist

Who is the new weatherman on KVUE?

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) – Jordan Darensbourg has joined the KVUE weather team as the new weekend weather anchor. Darensbourg will also take over the nighttime newscasts from Hunter Williams. Darensbourg comes to KVUE from KCEN, a TEGNA sister station in Temple, Texas, where he has been since 2020.

How old is Chelsea Andrews?

Chelsea Andrews is said to be between the ages of 30 and 35.

What happened Llarisa Abreu?

She is now pursuing a second degree in meteorology at Mississippi State University. With her fiancé and dog, she likes indoor cycling, live music, and exploring new restaurants.

How do you pronounce Chikage?

Chikage’s phonetic spelling. Chi-k-age. Chik-age. Chikage has several meanings. It’s a feminine Japanese surname. Chikage Awashima, a Japanese actress, is a famous person with this name. In a sentence, examples of Awashima Chikage Kiryu, Chikage, and Yukinojo are enchanted by the moonlight. Chikage’s translations in Japanese:

Did Sean Kelly win Paris Roubaix?

In the Tour de France, his triumphs in Paris–Roubaix (1984, 1986) demonstrated his prowess in bad weather and on pavé portions, yet he could keep up with the climbing experts in the Alps.

Did Sean Kelly win a Grand Tour?

Kelly won his first Grand Tour points classification at the Vuelta a Espana in 1980, winning six stages in total. In 1982, he earned the first of his four Tour green jerseys by winning stage 12 of the race, as well as the now-defunct intermediate sprints jersey.

Does Sean Kelly cyclist have children?

The rider claimed in his appeal that he was born and raised on his family farm in the neighboring townland of Curraghduff, and that after retiring from professional riding in 1994, he constructed the family house for the couple and their two children on an 85-acre property.

Is Hannah Rucker married?

The Knot – Hannah Rucker and Drew Harrison’s Wedding Website

Did Terri Gruca leave KVUE?

Terri Gruca will leave ABC station KVUE in Austin on Friday. Gruca, who has been at the station since 2008, is “one of the best storytellers in Central Texas,” according to the station, and has been talking to management about lowering her schedule to spend more time with her family in recent months.

Who is Brian May’s wife?

2000, Anita Dobsonm 1977–1988 Chrissie Mullenm

Is Bryan Mays on KVUE married?

Shontel Mays is Bryan’s wife. The couple has not specified when they married, but they have two children, Hayden and Landrie, together.

Who is the most famous weatherman?

Dr. Steve Lyons is a well-known meteorologist in the contemporary era. Lyons spent 12 years as The Weather Channel’s severe weather specialist.

What are 5 jobs of meteorology?

Weather Forecasting and Warnings are Meteorology fields. Atmospheric Science Development and Support of Meteorological Technology Services for information. Services for forensics. Meteorology through broadcast.


Kxan is a local news station in Austin, Texas. The station has had many anchors over the years but one anchor, who goes by the name of “What Happened To Kxan News Anchor?”

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The “sydney benter husband” is the last anchor of Kxan News. She has been replaced by a new female anchor.

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