What News Do We Learn About Rebecca Nurse Act 3?

What fresh information about Rebecca Nurse does the audience learn? Rebecca Nurse was found guilty. 3. What does Reverend Parris accuse John of when he comes in court with Mary Warren?

Similarly, What news do we learn about Rebecca Nurse in Act 2?

What fresh information do we have about Rebecca Nurse? That morning, Rebecca was sentenced to be hanged. What charge does Reverend Parris make when John Proctor and Mary Warren appear in court? Danforth, according to Parris, should be wary of Proctor.

Also, it is asked, What is Rebecca Nurse accused of at the end the Act 2?

Why has Rebecca Nurse been accused of being a witch? “The magnificent and magical murder of Goody Putnam’s kids” is attributed to Rebecca Nurse. Mrs. Putnam is seeking an explanation for the deaths of many of her kids.

Secondly, What news does Giles Corey reveal to the Proctors and Reverend Hale What has Rebecca Nurse been accused of why has Martha Corey been accused?

What allegation does Giles Corey make in the first act? Thomas Putnam is accused by Giles Corey of murdering his neighbors in order to get property. What fresh information do we have about Rebecca Nurse? She was sentenced to death after being accused of witchcraft.

Also, What news does the reader learn about Rebecca Nurse?

What fresh information about Rebecca Nurse does the audience learn? Rebecca Nurse was found guilty. 3. What does Reverend Parris accuse John of when he comes in court with Mary Warren?

People also ask, Who quits the court at the end of Act 3 and leaves town?

Despite Hale’s protests, Danforth orders Proctor’s arrest. Hale denounces the proceedings and announces his resignation from the court.

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What are the putnams feelings about Rebecca Nurse’s Family?

What does Putnam think of Rebecca? Why? Rebecca, she believes, is to blame for her kids’ deaths, which she believes were caused by otherworldly forces. She is also envious of Rebecca’s large family of children and grandkids.

Why is Rebecca Nurse on trial in The Crucible?

Rebecca Nurse was accused of witchcraft in the drama for killing seven of Ann Putnam’s children.

Why was Rebecca Nurse convicted of witchcraft The Crucible?

For the murders of Ann Putnam’s seven children, she is accused of witchcraft. Rebecca Nurse is a devout, sensible, and kind woman with whom I can identify because of my own experiences. In The Crucible, Rebecca Nurse is a devout lady, and I am as well.

What news does Giles Corey reveal to the Reverend Hale?

Giles Corey discloses to Reverend Hale in The Crucible that his wife reads “weird novels” that create “prayer halt.” Giles.

What has Rebecca Nurse been accused of why has Martha Corey been accused?

Rebecca Nurse is charged with murder. What makes Martha Corey a suspect? Walcott suspected Martha Corey of taking the money and giving it to her while also killing his pig.

What does Rebecca suggest is the reason for Betty’s delirium?

Betty’s madness, according to Rebecca, is the result of an over-stimulated juvenile outburst.

What happened Act 3 Macbeth?

Banquo is murdered, and he dies begging his son to depart and revenge his death. One of the killers extinguishes the light, and Fleance flees into the darkness. The killers depart with Banquo’s corpse, intending to locate Macbeth and inform him of the situation.

Who tells the truth in Act 3 of The Crucible?


What happens to John Proctor at the end of Act 3?

After signing and then ripping up his confession, John Proctor proclaims that he cannot risk his good reputation by lying, even if it means saving his life. He makes the decision to die.

Why did Reverend Hale quit the court?

Reverend Hale leaves the Salem court at the close of Act 3 because he realizes that irrationality and frenzy have taken over the proceedings. However, we discover in Act 4 that he has returned to Salem to meet with the inmates and persuade them to confess.

Does Abigail threaten Danforth?

What danger does Abigail pose to Danforth? Danforth is reminded that he is not exempt from the Devil’s company and that he, too, may be blamed.

Who was the stubborn Salem judge?

Danforth, Governor

What is Mary’s argument to Abby?

What is Mary’s response to Abby’s argument? She demands that she tell the truth about what occurred in the woods. Mary believes that if the falsehoods continue, the penalty will be considerably more severe than it is currently (spanking and reprimanding). Proctor, who is in his forties, is a strong, healthy, confident, and even-tempered guy.

Why does Rebecca Nurse refuse to confess what does she believe would happen?

She refuses to confess to Hale (p. 119) not out of pride, but because she would be lying if she did. Rebecca also does not accuse anybody else of witchcraft; if she has the integrity to lie about being a witch, she definitely has the integrity to not pull anyone else down with her.

How did Rebecca Nurse respond to the charges?

“I can claim before my Eternal Father that I am innocent and God will clear my innocency.,” the nurse said during her assessment on March 24. I haven’t done them any harm, as far as I know. “I am a completely innocent individual.”

Who first hung witches?

Bishop, Bridget

Who has been charged with killing pigs in the crucible?

Critical Analysis of The Crucible Rebecca was jailed for killing Mrs Putnam’s babies, while Martha was arrested for bewitching Walcott’s pigs with her books, causing him to be unable to maintain a pig alive for more than four weeks.

When Abigail is questioned by Hale Who does she blame?

Who does Abigail blame when Reverend Hale interrogates her? What evidence does she provide? Tituba is to fault. She adds that Tituba has made her giggle during prayer as evidence.

What does Elizabeth mean when she says the noose is up?

When Elizabeth screams, “Oh, the noose, the noose is up!” what exactly does she mean? She has finally been charged, and she will perish. What exactly does Elizabeth want John to accomplish while he’s in town? If he does this, what will everyone learn? Inform Abigail that she is lying.

Who put Rebecca Nurse in jail?

Judges John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin ordered Nurse, Corey, Dorcas Good (Sarah’s 4-year-old daughter), Cloyce, and John and Elizabeth Parker to be taken into prison by the Boston jail for acts of witchcraft performed against Williams, Hubbard, Ann Putnam Jr., and others on May 25.

Who is Abigail’s uncle *?

Samuel Parris, Reverend

How does Elizabeth’s testimony backfire?

What are the consequences of Elizabeth’s testimony? Proctor admits to adultery with Abigail Williams in an attempt to discredit Abigail Williams and undermine the court’s absolute trust in her reliability as the principal witness in the witch trials.

What is the real reason Martha is charged?

Martha is being accused because Walcott sought vengeance after Martha sold him a pig, which died four weeks later. Cheever arrives at the Proctor residence with a warrant to search the premises.

What is the real reason that Abigail Cannot find work?

What is the true reason Abigail is unemployed? Her image in the town has been ruined as a result of her expulsion from the Proctors’ house following an affair with John. All of the women are probably worried that if they employ her, she’ll do the same to their husbands!

How do the events of Act 3 relate to the topic of appearance and reality?

What does Act 3 have to do with the theme of APPEARANCE vs. REALITY? On the surface, Macbeth and LM seem to be calm, but they are breaking down on the inside, and Macbeth suffers a complete breakdown at a meal. Lady Macbeth attempts to be assertive by referring to him as the childish one.

Who died in Act 3 of Hamlet?

When Hamlet walks in, he’s so enraged that Gertrude begs for aid. Polonius, hearing this, repeats her screams for assistance, betraying his hiding position in the process. Hamlet, believing Polonius to be Claudius, stabs Polonius through the curtain, killing him instantly.

What happened in Act 3 Scene 3 of Macbeth?

Scene 3 of Act 3 Banquo’s assassins assemble to carry out their mission. Banquo is slain as soon as he and his son arrive on the scene. His son manages to flee, and the killers depart to inform Macbeth of the events.


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