When Will the US Lift the Travel Ban from the UK? Latest News

The United States travel ban from the United Kingdom is still in place as of May 2021. The ban was originally put in place in March 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The ban has been extended several times and is currently set to expire on May 31, 2021.

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The United States has imposed a travel ban on citizens of the United Kingdom since December 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ban applies to all non-essential travel between the two countries, and has been in place for over four months.

There have been no formal announcements from either government about when the travel ban might be lifted, but there have been some indications that it could happen in the near future.

In February 2021, US President Joe Biden said that he would “reassess” the travel ban “in light of the progress that’s been made” in combating COVID-19.

And in March 2021, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he hoped to see the ban lifted “as soon as possible”.

However, both leaders cautioned that any lifting of the travel ban would be contingent on certain conditions being met, including a continued decline in COVID-19 cases and progress in vaccinating citizens.

As of April 2021, it is still not clear when the travel ban will be lifted. However, both governments continue to monitor the situation closely and an announcement is expected soon.

Current Travel Ban

The current travel ban prohibits non-U.S. citizens from traveling to the United States if they have been in the United Kingdom within the past 14 days. This includes all ground, sea, and air travel. The ban went into effect on January 29, 2020 and is currently set to expire on February 4, 2020.

When Will the Travel Ban Be Lifted?

The US travel ban has been in place since March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic first hit the United States. The ban has been extended several times and is currently set to expire on May 22, 2021.

There have been rumors that the ban may be lifted sooner than expected, but so far there is no confirmation from the US government. The UK is one of the few countries that is still on the travel ban list, along with Brazil, Ireland, and South Africa.

It is unclear why the US has not lifted the travel ban for the UK yet. Some experts believe it may be because of the high number of coronavirus cases in the UK. Others believe that it may be because of tensions between the two countries.

Regardless of the reason, many people are hoping that the travel ban will be lifted soon so they can reunited with their loved ones.

What Does This Mean for Travelers?

The US travel ban on the UK has been lifted as of May 17, 2021. This means that travelers will now be able to fly between the two countries without any restrictions.

There are still some guidelines in place for travelers, however. For example, all travelers will need to have a negative COVID-19 test before they can board their flight. They will also need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result within three days of their flight.

It is important to note that the US travel ban could be reinstated at any time if there is a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in the UK. For now, however, travelers can enjoy hassle-free travel between these two countries.


The Department of Homeland Security has announced that the travel ban from the United Kingdom will be lifted on April 26. This follows the UK’s completion of a requirement to provide negative COVID-19 test results for all inbound travelers.

The US had previously imposed a travel ban on the UK in December 2020, citing concerns about the spread ofvariants of the coronavirus. The UK has since implemented several measures to mitigate the spread of the virus, including mandatory testing and quarantine for all inbound travelers.

The lifting of the travel ban is welcome news for both US and UK citizens, as well as businesses that have been impacted by the restrictions. It is hoped that this will pave the way for further eased restrictions in the future.

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