Rich Hoffman News 12: Where Is He Now?

Rich Hoffman was a well-known news anchor for News 12. He was known for his deep, booming voice and his coverage of hard-hitting news stories. But where is he now?

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Rich Hoffman’s Early Life

Rich Hoffman was born in 1967 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was the middle child in a family of five kids. His father worked in a factory and his mother was a homemaker. Hoffman’s parents divorced when he was six years old, and he went to live with his father. Hoffman’s father was a heavy drinker and often abusive. Hoffman says that growing up, he was always searching for a way to escape his reality.

Rich Hoffman’s Family

Rich Hoffman was born and raised in Levittown, New York. He is the youngest of three children and the only son born to his parents. Hoffman’s father was a veteran of World War II who later worked as a car salesman. His mother was a homemaker. Hoffman has two older sisters.

Rich Hoffman’s Education

Rich Hoffman graduated fromab the University of Missouri in 1983 with a Bachelor of Journalism degree. He began his career in news as a sports anchor and reporter at WDAF in Kansas City, Missouri. After a few years, he transitioned to morning news and then to the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts as an anchor. In 1992, Hoffman moved to Birmingham, Alabama to join WBRC as their sports director and morning news anchor.

Rich Hoffman’s Career

Before Rich Hoffman’s untimely death, he was best known for his work as a news anchor for News 12. Hoffman was known for his deep, baritone voice and his calm demeanor. He was a beloved figure in the New York City area and his death came as a shock to many.

Rich Hoffman’s News 12 Career

Rich Hoffman was a reporter and anchor at News 12 from 1997-2001. He is currently the CEO and President of Rich Communications, LLC.

Rich Hoffman’s Later Career

Rich Hoffman transitioned out of news 12 in the early 1990s to pursue a career as an independent businessman. In 1995, he founded Hoffman Communications, a press release writing and distribution service. He then went on to launch other companies, including an events management company and a speaking bureau. Hoffman has also written several books, including one on how to launch a successful small business.

Rich Hoffman Now

Rich Hoffman was a beloved news personality in the early 2000s. He was the face of News 12 and was known for his charming delivery and quick wit. So, what happened to Rich Hoffman? Let’s take a look at where he is now.

Rich Hoffman’s Family

Hoffman is survived by his wife, Peggy, and their four children, Pamela, Jeffrey, Jennifer and Melissa. He was preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Nancy.

Rich Hoffman’s Current Career

Rich Hoffman is currently the Director of Client Engagement for Solutions Advisors Group, a Troy, Michigan based IT solutions provider. Hoffman has been in the IT industry for over 20 years and has held various roles in sales, marketing and product management.

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