Who Is Leaving KCRA News?

There have been several staff changes at KCRA News in recent months. Here’s a look at who is leaving the station.

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KCRA is a local news station

KCRA is a local news station in Sacramento, California. The channel is owned by Hearst Television. KCRA 3 News is the leading news source for the greater Sacramento area.

KCRA is losing viewers

KCRA is losing viewers. In the past two years, the Sacramento-based NBC affiliate has shed more than a quarter of its prime-time audience, according to Nielsen.

One reason for the drop is that KCRA has been airing more repeats of “The Tonight Show” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in recent months. The station also preempted some NBC programming, including “The Blacklist,” in order to air local news during the 6:30 p.m. hour.

KCRA is losing advertisers

While many of the details are still unclear, it seems that KCRA is losing some major advertisers. This comes as a surprise to many, as the station has been a staple in the Sacramento market for years.

KCRA has been known for its strong news coverage and has won numerous awards over the years. However, in recent years, the station has been losing viewers to other local news stations. This decline in viewership has likely contributed to the loss of advertisers.

It is not clear how this will impact KCRA’s news operation in the future. However, it is clear that the station is facing some challenges.

KCRA is losing money

KCRA is losing money and has been for some time. The station is owned by Hearst, which also owns KSBW in Salinas, and has been trying to sell both stations for years. But, so far, no buyer has emerged.

KCRA has been shedding employees for months, and the most recent round of layoffs has claimed some very familiar faces.

Lead anchor expounds on her decision to leave KCRA after more than two decades with the station
Anchor who has been with the station for more than two decades is among those leaving
Wishing everyone at KCRA all the best

KCRA is downsizing

KCRA, the NBC affiliate in Sacramento, is downsizing.

The station announced today that it is eliminating 14 positions, including 11 full-time positions and three part-time positions. The moves come as the result of a review of the station’s operations.

“This was a very difficult decision, but it was necessary to align our operations with the current realities of the marketplace,” said KCRA President and General Manager John O’Brien. “We are committed to running a lean and efficient operation, and these moves will help us achieve that goal.”

The positions being eliminated include on-air talent, news editors, producers, and production staff. The station says the cuts will not affect its news programming.

KCRA has been through several rounds of layoffs in recent years as the television industry has undergone major changes. In 2017, the station eliminated 13 positions, including nine in its news department.

KCRA is cutting staff

KCRA is cutting staff as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce costs, the company announced Friday.

The Sacramento-based television station said it is eliminating six positions, including three on-air jobs. The cuts are effective immediately.

“This was a difficult decision, but one we felt was necessary,” KCRA President and General Manager John Disterdick said in a statement. “We are grateful for the contributions of those who are leaving and wish them well in their future endeavors.”

KCRA did not say how many people will be impacted by the cuts or who specifically will be leaving the station.

The move comes just weeks after KCRA announced it was eliminating its sports department, a move that resulted in the layoff of 13 employees.

KCRA is consolidating its operations

KCRA is consolidating its operations and significantly reducing its workforce, a shake-up that sources said is the result of heavy cost-cutting by its new owner, Hearst Television.

The changes come as Hearst prepares to close on its $130 million purchase of KCRA’s parent company,McGraw-Hill Broadcast Group, which was announced last month. The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

As part of the consolidation, KCRA will merge its news operation with that of Hearst’s other television station in Sacramento, KQCA. The two stations will share news facilities and some staff, but it was not immediately clear how many jobs would be cut.

KCRA has been one of the leading news organizations in Sacramento for decades, winning numerous awards for its journalism. But it has been facing increased competition in recent years from newer stations and digital media outlets.

Hearst Television is a subsidiary of Hearst Corporation, a media conglomerate that owns newspapers, magazines, television stations and websites across the country.

KCRA is selling its assets

KCRA is selling its assets to a new company, and as a result, many of its employees are leaving the station.

Those who are leaving include morning anchor SusanModsin, chief meteorologist LauraSkirde, sports director Scott Reiss, and reporters Mike Luery and Max Resnik.

KCRA has been owned by Hearst Television since 1999, but it will soon be owned by Nexstar Media Group. Nexstar is also acquiring KRON in San Francisco from Hearst.

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