Why Did Megyn Kelly Leave Fox News?

Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News was a long time coming. Here’s a look at the events that led to her leaving the network.

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The End of an Era

On January 3rd, 2017, Megyn Kelly shocked the world by announcing her departure from Fox News. Kelly had been with Fox News since 2004, and was one of the most popular hosts on the network. So, why did she leave?

Megyn Kelly’s last day at Fox News

Today marks Megyn Kelly’s last day at Fox News. The network has been her home for the past 12 years, but she is leaving to pursue other opportunities.

This is a huge loss for Fox News. Megyn was one of the network’s most popular and respected hosts. She brought a sharp intellect and passionate perspective to her reporting, and her departure will be felt by viewers and colleagues alike.

We wish Megyn all the best in her future endeavors, and we thank her for her many contributions to Fox News.

The circumstances of her departure

Megyn Kelly left Fox News after 12 years on January 6th, 2017. While her departure from the organization was sudden, it is believed that the decision was a mutual one. The 42-year-old mother of three small children did not want to continue working the grueling hours required by her position at Fox News.

In addition to her demanding work schedule, Kelly was also said to be feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the political climate at Fox News. With the rise of President Donald Trump, Kelly found herself at odds with many of her colleagues. She was reportedly offered a substantial pay raise by Fox News in an attempt to keep her with the organization, but she ultimately decided to leave.

A New Beginning

After leaving Fox News, Megyn Kelly is embarking on a new journey. She has signed on with NBC News, where she will be hosting her own daytime show and a Sunday evening newsmagazine program. This move will allow her to spend more time with her family and pursue other interests.

Megyn Kelly’s new role at NBC

Megyn Kelly is set to begin a new chapter in her career, as she has just been announced as a new addition to the NBC News team. The former Fox News host will be taking on a variety of roles at the network, including hosting her own daytime news program, working on special projects, and providing anchor duties on NBC’s flagship “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” show.

This move comes as a bit of a surprise, as Kelly had been with Fox News since 2004 and was one of the most popular hosts on the network. In recent years, she had become one of the most polarizing figures in the media landscape, thanks to her willingness to take on controversial topics and her clashes with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It’s unclear exactly why Kelly decided to leave Fox News, but it’s possible that she was looking for a fresh start after such a turbulent 2016. Whatever the reason, her move to NBC is sure to make waves in the world of news and politics.

What her new show will be about

After leaving Fox News and signing a multi-million dollar contract with NBC, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is set to debut her new morning show, “Megyn Kelly Today.” The show will air weekdays at 9 a.m. following the “Today” show’s 8 a.m. hour.

According to NBC, the program will be a mix of current events, human interest stories and celebrity interviews. In a statement announcing her new venture, Kelly said she was “thrilled” to be joining the network and looked forward to starting “a new chapter.”

“This is a fresh start for me and I’m grateful to NBC for their belief in me,” Kelly said. “I’m excited to get back to playing a meaningful role in shaping the national conversation.”

The Reaction

How Fox News viewers are reacting

Many Fox News viewers were shocked and disappointed when Megyn Kelly announced that she was leaving the network for NBC. Some viewers accused her of betraying her conservative principles, while others praised her for her honesty and integrity.

There has been a lot of speculation about why Kelly decided to leave Fox News. Some people believe she was unhappy with the direction the network was going, while others think she was simply looking for a better opportunity. Whatever the reason, her departure has left many Fox News viewers feeling betrayed and confused.

How NBC viewers are reacting

Social media has been quick to judge NBC’s decision to give Megyn Kelly a platform on the network. Critics argue that NBC is giving a platforms to someone who has a history of making racist and insensitive remarks.

Some people have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage, using the hashtag #NBCBlackout to call for a boycott of NBC.

Others have come to Kelly’s defense, arguing that she should be given a chance to redeem herself. They argue that NBC is providing her with an opportunity to reach a wider audience and change people’s perceptions of her.

The Future

Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News was a turning point for the network. It signified a new era in which Fox News would be forced to reckon with its role in the Trump presidency. This section will explore the reasons behind Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News.

What this means for Fox News

The departure of Megyn Kelly from Fox News is a sign of the changing times not only for the network, but for the conservative movement as a whole.

Kelly was one of the most popular hosts on Fox News, and her show was often the highest-rated program in its time slot. While she was known for her hard-hitting interviews with political figures, she also drew praise for her willingness to take on controversy and challenge the network’s audience.

Her departure is a loss for Fox News, but it is also indicative of a larger shift taking place within the conservative movement. The Trump presidency has divided Republicans and conservatives, and as Trump continues to court support from white nationalists and other far-right groups, traditional conservatives are being pushed out.

This is not just happening at Fox News – it is happening across the country, as right-wing media outlets push out more moderate voices in favor of those who will toe the line for Trump. Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News is just one sign of this larger trend.

What this means for NBC

It’s too early to say what exactly Kelly’s show will look like on NBC, but her new contract is reportedly worth $15-$20 million per year, making her one of the highest-paid personalities on television. While her exact salary has not been made public, it’s safe to say that she will be earning a hefty sum.

In addition to her monetary compensation, Kelly will also have a great deal of creative control over her new show. According to Variety, she will have “a hands-on role in developing” the program and “will have a say in selecting her staff and the show’s producers.” This is a significant departure from her previous role at Fox News, where she was exerting very little creative control.

It’s also worth noting that Kelly’s new contract with NBC is reportedly for three years, while her previous contract with Fox News was for four years. This could be seen as a sign that Kelly is planning to move on from television after her time at NBC is up. Alternatively, it could simply be a negotiating tactic on Kelly’s part – by signing a shorter contract, she gives herself more flexibility in the future.

Either way, it’s clear that Kelly is looking to make some major changes in her career. And with such a high-profile move to NBC, she is certainly off to a good start.

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