Why Is DW News Banned in Germany?

DW News is one of the world’s leading news organizations, but it’s banned in Germany. Why?

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DW News is a public broadcaster that is financed by the German government. It is banned in Germany because it is considered to be propaganda.

German law prohibits the broadcast of “foreign political propaganda” on German soil. DW News is considered to be propaganda because it is funded by the German government and because it promotes a positive image of Germany.

DW News has been banned in Germany since 2015. The broadcaster has appealed the ban, but so far, the ban has been upheld.

What is DW News?

DW News is a global news channel produced by Deutsche Welle. The channel provides information on German and international current affairs. It broadcasts in English 24 hours a day on TV, on the Internet and via satellite radio.

In Germany, the channel is available on pay-TV and as an app. However, it is not possible to watch DW News on public broadcaster ARD’s digital platform, Daserste.de.

The channel is currently banned in Germany due to a dispute between Deutsche Welle and the German government over financing.

Why is DW News Banned in Germany?

DW News is an international news channel owned by Deutsche Welle, a German public broadcaster. The channel provides news in 30-minute blocks of programming every hour, with regional versions for Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.

In 2015, the German government banned the channel from being shown on German cable and satellite television providers. The reason given for the ban was that DW News was “broadcasting content that was not compatible with German law.”

The specific content that led to the ban is not known, but it is believed to be related to DW’s coverage of the refugee crisis in Europe. DW News had been critical of the German government’s handling of the crisis, which may have led to the ban.

DW News is still available online in Germany, and it can be seen on satellite television providers outside of Germany.

What Are the Consequences of the Ban?

DW News is one of the most popular international news channels, with a wide reach across Europe and beyond. However, in Germany, the channel is banned.

The German government hasnever officially declared why they have taken this stance, but it is widely believed that it is due to the channel’s critical coverage of the government’s handling of the refugee crisis.

This ban has caused a great deal of controversy, both in Germany and abroad. Many feel that it is a violation of freedom of the press, and that DW News should be allowed to continue broadcasting in the country.

There are also concerns about the practical consequences of the ban. DW News is one of the only international news channels that offers German subtitles, making it an important resource for German-speaking viewers who want to stay informed about world events. Additionally, many Germans living abroad rely on DW News for news about their home country.

The ban on DW News has been criticised by politicians, journalists and members of the public alike. It remains to be seen whether or not the German government will reverse their decision and allow the channel to resume broadcasting in Germany.

How to Access DW News in Germany

If you’re in Germany and trying to access DW News, you may have noticed that the website is blocked. This is because the German government has banned the website, citing concerns about the broadcaster’s coverage of sensitive topics.

Despite the ban, there are still ways to access DW News in Germany. Using a VPN is the most reliable way to bypass the block, but there are also some methods that allow you to access the site without a VPN. However, these methods are less reliable and may not work as well.

If you want to access DW News in Germany, we recommend using a VPN. This is the most reliable way to bypass the ban, and it will also protect your privacy online. There are many different VPN providers to choose from, but we recommend ExpressVPN as the best option for accessing DW News.


The German broadcaster DW News is banned in Germany. The main reason for this is that the broadcaster is seen as a threat to national security. DW News is owned by the German government, and its broadcasts are often critical of the government. This has led to fears that the broadcaster could be used to spread propaganda.

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